Our Approach

Golden Gate BPO Solutions is an outsourced contact center, business process outsourcing and customer relationship management organization. We provide our outsourced services from our high quality delivery and multi-channel contact centers located in the United States, Asia, Latin America-Caribbean and Europe. As a global provider, we are able to serve our clients’ needs across multiple languages and diverse cultures. Our clients and management experience span a broad set of industries. Built on the premise that we want to serve our clients’ business and operational needs while meeting their economic and strategic objectives in the highest quality manner, we also offer operational and strategic consulting as well as vendor management services.

Our Team offers a tenured perspective earned from our prior experience in managing small, medium-sized and large US-based and global call centers servicing over 2 Billion+ customers. Based on our contact center/CRM experience we use our Best Practices platform as a means of challenging the status quo to assist in evolving the service delivery experience for your benefit.

Philosophy Behind our Contact Center Solution:

> You are Important and Need Someone that Values your Business and Relationship
> You deserve Personal Attention to help Drive Operational Excellence and address ‘Inevitable Change’
> You should have a Partner that puts Your Needs in Front of their Own and Doesn’t Cut Corners

Above all, the following represents our Overall Commitment to People, Business and our Industry:

Our Opinions, Advice, Decisions, Recommendations or Offer of Help Place Your Needs First

Your Business and Your Needs and What we Believe Will Best Serve Your Needs

Forge Life-Long Relationships

Transparent and Honest Advice based on our own Successes and Failures

With Golden Gate BPO Solutions’ help and continued support, we have now been able to add to our services a Streamlined Box Office Sales Solutions component, including multi-channel Order Entry, Will Call, Order Look Up and Customer Service, along with robust and customized Reporting to support our clients’ needs. In essence, we now can offer and perform for our clients a full 360-Solution that allows our Promoters, Venues and other clients to primarily focus on the overall planning, booking and broad-based marketing of their events. This gives them the confidence that StubWire.com has every aspect of the ticket printing and multi-channel sales, customer service and overall management of the entire ticketing function covered both in a high quality manner as a positive extension of their brand and in a more cost effective way.

Brad Wickwire, CEO